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General Information for ISS Online Test Series:

  • 1 Free trial for the test series.

  • Test Series includes Statistics paper-1, paper-2, paper-3, Paper-4 (SQC+Multivariate Analysis+Demography+Design and Analysis of Experiments), General Studies, and General English.

  • The test series will be valid (i) up to 3 years from the date of subscription or (ii) till all your five attempts to these 60 modules get exhausted. Validity applied to the time period which may come first between defined time periods as (i) or (ii).

  • Assessment and all India Ranking will be given in your email.

  • The Correct answer and the explanation of the objective paper will be displayed just after the completion of the exam.

  • For Subjective answer writing, the Answer book must be serially arranged and the page number must be written on the answer booklet or you may use our booklet provided at your login.

  • You can send your answer booklet of the subjective paper via email ( in pdf format only.

  • Assessment will be provided for subjective questions and scores of Subjective paper will be sent to you via email.

  • There is no answer provided for papers 3, 4 General Studies & General English.

  • The test will be solely based on your honesty and sincerity to manage your time.

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