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1 Year + 1 Year

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  • You will have access to doubt expert service email to ask your doubt 24X7(T& C).

  • Study Material will be available from time to time when each unit ends at the institute.

  • STATISTICS Assignment Practice,  and Daily ENGLISH &GS Assignment as well as Word Meaning/ Phrases will become available at institute.

  • Unit Wise Statistics assignment will be provided at institute.


Course Content


Why Should you Choose this course?

  • Provides an intensive, comprehensive & interactive Learning Environment

  • Relevant, Actionable, Necessary & Understandable Content

  • Collaborative, Connected & Helpful Study

  • All study will be intensively focused on the requirement of Exam

  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat Analysis will be provided every Month

  • This will be an All in one Course designed by the best professors of India.





4 to  6 days Motivated Environment of Offline Classes at the most Famous Place for UPSC (Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi). To believe you can just visit our Center.

2-3 days Classes at any distant place where no such motivation exist, even there is no such environment for UPSC candidates.


New-innovative, dynamic and supportive learning methodology

Same Old Style Boring or out of context teaching


Whatever service and facilities, we will provide. It will be known to you before in written Prospectus. So, that you can claim your rights.

No one wants to provide written Prospectus So that you cannot claim your rights.

Notes Availability

Notes For Subjective Papers, Computer and Official will be provided in Hardcopy along with some softcopy Extra Material which will be updates, if required.

They will just say  by mouth that they will do everything but they will not make any written commitment. And only some  notes will be provided.


We will provide you at least 52 Test in one year. We have well proven 3 days a week internal test rule in our offline or LIVE classes.

They will provide you at most 5 test in the entire year.

Final Mock Test

Well Proven and Updated 10 modules of each of the Six paper just in the same way as it will be in the exam. (10x6=60 mock test)

Either 1 or 2 test or no such test provided.

Answer Writing Practice

We give weekly 4 answer writing Practice session as Homework and copy is checked and feedback provided in offline class

No such things exist, even they will not tell you to do any Home Work.


We provide Assignments for each and every topic at least 5000+ questions done in objective and more than 2000+ questions in Subjective except test and you will be  asked and motivated  to solve these assignments.  And Doubts to be discussed in a separate session. Some tests will also be based on these assignments for revision.

Either Assignment not provide and if provided just ignored by giving assignment.


We have a dedicated team of researchers and some professors, who is giving 24x7 Doubt Expert Facility./ Any Doubt Sent is generally within 3 days and We also accept the fact  that some doubt may take more than 3 days. But doubt Expert team will respond within 3 days whatever will be the status.

There is no such facility Exist


Some Text Will be must to follow for making Confidence in Students. And Some other will be recommended and if needs then provided in pdf.

They will never let you go through any text book because you will make burden to them.

Recording Available

Recording of offline classes as well as Live Classes will be provided on our Website.

They do not provide recording because they fear about it.


Mentorship is provided LIVE on Zoom Meeting App for Online & for Offline We are available 24x7 for your help of any kind. Even sometimes our professor will guide you alone sitting in office.

No such thing exist

Guardian Support

We generally take the support of guardian if you wish to do so by sending your guardian your marks in internal test. But it is based on whether you allow us to do it or not.

They do not have any such facility.

Previous Year Solution

Each and every question of the previous Year will be discussed by separately providing Previous year Session in offline as well as Live.

Even we will motivate you to solve previous years.

They never talk about previous year.

Fee Structure

We have tailored Service From which ranges from 30k to 85k. But, it will be mentioned in prospectus separately for each course.

They will just say everything by mouth.

Alternative time for Working People

We provide recorded batch too. So, working people can join our recorded session along with live mentorship session in fewer fees.

They either provide online or offline. Either live or recorded but not both.

Platform used

We provide Live Classes on Zoom. Recorded Session on our own Website. We do not provided paid classes on YouTube..

(We do not provide anything on App because we generally motivate students to keep away from mobile)

Generally people provide paid session on YouTube.


We have given in just 5 years, about 50+ results in ISS, RBI DSIM, ASO/JSO and other exams related to Statistics. And You can verify it in our prospectus.

They have provided same or some less number in last 20 years. It makes difference.

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