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Till the exam

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Reasons to Choose This Course:

1. Comprehensive practice through meticulously designed Test Series.

2. Complete coverage of topics.

3. Pinpoints areas needing more focus for efficient study.

4. Spaced-out learning enhances memory retention.

5. Alleviates exam anxiety for better performance.

6. Strengthens learning and recall abilities.

7. Offers a preview of the final test.

8. Refines time management skills and understanding of question types.



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General Information for RBI Grade B DSIM Online Test Series:

1. Free Trial: Experience a trial of the test series. (Click Here for Free Trial)

2. All India Ranking (AIR): Achieve your ranking on the All India Ranking board within your Portal. Complete all papers of a particular module for a specific exam to secure your position. For example, attempting Module-1 | PHASE-1 Paper-1 | RBI DSIM necessitates attempts at Module-1 | PHASE-II PAPER-2 & 3 | RBI DSIM to receive your AIR.

3. No of Attempt: You can attempt the test only once.

4. Post-Exam Details: Immediately view the correct answers, score, notes, and explanations for the objective paper upon completing the exam.

5. Subjective Answer Writing: Organize your answers in a serial manner within the answer booklet, ensuring page numbers are listed or use the provided booklet accessible via your login.

6. Submission Process: Share your Subjective Answer Booklet as a PDF via email to the test series team.

7. Assessment and Feedback: Receive checked Answer Booklets directly in your email.

8. LIVE CLASSES: Daily Live Doubt Classes On Demand over zoom

9. Test Conduct: The test's success hinges on your commitment to time management, reflecting your honesty and dedication.

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