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Till the Exam

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Why Should You Choose this Course?

  • This Test Series is built with proper care for Complete Practice.

  • Test Series are comprehensive in the sense they will cover the entire topic.

  • The most crucial benefit of Test Series is that they reveal to aspirants the subjects they still need to learn, allowing them to concentrate their future study on those subjects and devote little additional time to the subjects they are already knowledgeable with.

  • Psychology has long recognized that learning something at different times will increase memory retention.

  • Test Series enhance early learning and spacing out of learning, which is likely to boost retention because they motivate revision and studying.

  • Some aspirants' worry or anxiety around the exam procedure may have an impact on the accuracy and fairness of the exam. Exam anxiety can be decreased by Test Series.

  • Taking a test helps reinforce the learning and increases the likelihood that you will be able to recall the information later, in addition to assessing your knowledge.

  • Test Series give individuals a realistic idea of what to expect on the final Test.

  • Aspirants get to practice time management skills and get a better understanding of the question types.



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General Information for ISS Online Test Series:

  • 1 Free trial for the test series.

  • Assessment and all India Ranking will be given in your email only if you complete all papers of a Particular Module.(For example, Suppose you have attempted Module-1|Paper-1|ISS, then You must need to attempt Module-1| Paper-II,III,IV,GS & GE| ISS to get your AIR & Assessment).

  • The number of attempt to the test is one.

  • The Correct answer, Score, Note and the explanation of the objective paper will be displayed just after the completion of the exam.

  • For Subjective answer writing, the Answer book must be serially arranged and the page number must be written on the answer booklet or you may use our booklet provided at your login.

  • You can SEND Your Subjective Answer Booklet to the email of test series team in pdf format only.

  • Checked Answer Booklet will be provided at your Email.

  • You will be provided Video Call Assessment (if required).

  • The test will be solely based on your honesty and sincerity to manage your time.


Course Content

Test Series include topics on the following Papers.

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