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Why You Should Take This Course?

One should chose this course because it will provide an intensive and comprehensive interactive learning Environment with a modern method of digital technology. You can find this course helpful at every step of your preparation to the ISS EXAM. It is flexible and updated. Also, This course is designed and prepared by Some of the INDIA'S BEST PROFESSORS of some of the renowned institute. Also, This Course Dynamic and Easily understandable. In This Course You will get,

  • relevent, actionable content which most probably match in your exam paper.

  • collaborative and connected study

  • an Enchanting Experience While studying

  • Course design and content is understandable in a layman language


  • Basic Knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

  • Intermediate level mathematics knowledge.

  • Digital Tools for study like Laptop or Phone and Internet facility.

About the Course

General Information About Online Classes:

  • Classes will be available over the portal in the Recording format as well as Mentorship guidance will be available on the Zoom meeting App. You will need to have a PC and related software. Details will be provided after taking Admission/ Make an inquiry for that.

  • Also, you have access to doubt expert service email to ask your doubt 24X7(T& C).

  • You have on-demand Mentorship Guidance which will be available when you send a request for that(details will be provided after admission).

  • The recording will be uploaded four days a week(Monday to Thursday) before 11:00 AM.

  • Study Material will be available from time to time on your portal when each unit ends.

  • STATISTICS Assignment Practice, GS Answer Writing Practice Question+ASSIGNMENT, and Daily ENGLISH Assignment as well as Word Meaning/ Phrases.

  • Test Series is included in this course. (see the detail).

**This course includes a total of 60 modules of test series. TEST SERIES (STATISTICS+ GS+ GE) General Information For ISS Online Test Series:

  • 1 Free trial(includes only 40 questions, Main Test Series includes 80 questions) (click here) for the test series.

  • Test Series includes Statistics paper-1, paper-2, paper-3 & Paper-4( Demography and Vital statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Quality Control and Design & Analysis of experiments), GS and GE.

  • Each paper contains 10 modules (Total 60).

  • The test series will be valid (i) up to 3 years from the date of subscription or (ii) till all your five attempts to these 60 modules get exhausted. Validity applied to the time period which may come first between defined time periods as (i) or (ii).

  • The explanation will be given at your test portal for papers 1 & 2 only.

  • Assessment and all India rankings will be given in your email.

  • The Correct answer and the explanation of the objective paper will be displayed just after the completion of the exam.

  • You will be provided 5 attempts at each test module.

  • For Subjective answer writing, the Answer book must be serially arranged and the page number must be written on the answer booklet.

  • You can send your answer booklet of the subjective paper via email ( in pdf format only.

  • Assessment will be provided for subjective questions and scores of Subjective as well as Objective paper will be sent to you via email.

  • The test will be solely based on your honesty and sincerity to manage your time.


At SUNRISE CLASSES, students' career and safety is our utmost priority. We honor and support the government's stay indoors, stay safe initiative. We completely understand how students are facing difficulties in studying amidst this period. To help students during this Lockdown period, SUNRISE CLASSES has taken a new initiative to support students' study from home through SUNRISE CLASSES Digital Class room.

  • Paper-1 - Probability, Statistical Methods, Numerical Analysis and Computer application and Data Processing.

  • Paper-2 - Statistical Inference and hypothesis testing, Linear Model and Official statistics.

  • Paper-3 - Sampling techniques,Econometrics, Applied Statistics( Index Number, Demand Analysis and Analysis of Time series).

  • Paper-4

Section B: Demography and Vital Statistics Section D: Quality Control Section E: Multivariate Analysis Section F: Design and Analysis of Experiments

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