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Offline classes mean going to an institute for preparation. There are lots of benefits in offline classes such as there you learn a lot of things not only regarding your study but also regarding life experiences i.e taught by teachers. If we talk about your courses then they teach everything off your study materials as well as also some concepts which are not provided inside the material. You can ask your doubts at any time and get a better and easy explanation of your answer and also may you learn to solve a problem in various ways.

Advantages of taking offline classes:

  1. Study in a disciplined manner

  2. Competitive atmosphere

  3. The teacher in class will always pinch you whenever you are losing interest.

  4. If you miss any class chances are there your parents will be notified.

  5. Teacher-student interaction in real-time physically

  6. You can physically ask doubt with teachers and they can help you when you are feeling low.

  7. The probability of selection is higher if you get admission in reputed offline coaching, now only you have to do hard work.


We provide a well-designed course structure. Our approach to the preparation will give you the optimum benefit so that you not only can crack this exam but also get a good rank in this exam. The best thing about the course is you will get a well-motivated exam environment along with test series having lots of Practices and core personal attention. The designed course structure is solely based on the syllabus of the Indian Statistical Service Exam. 



 General Information About Offline Classes:

  • Also, you have access to our Telegram/WhatsApp Contact to ask your doubt 24X7.

  • Daily Doubt Classes Just after the regular class ends.

  • You will need to login to our official website( ) then Go To My Account >services and then click on your prescribed Course(ISS ONLINE CLASSES)> Select on Your Batch to access the available material, test series, and classes.

  • The class recording will be available on the portal.

  • Every Class will be of 3 hours (2:30 hours will be devoted to regular class and 30 minutes will be for doubt classes). Timing of Class can be customized according to convenience.

  • Classes will be held five days a week (Monday to Friday).

  • For demo class watch My YouTube Channel (Click Here).

  • Study Material will be available from time to time on your mail when each unit ends, also it will be available on your portal to download.

  • Classroom questions can be asked at Zoom meetings.

  • STATISTICS Assignment Practice, GS Answer Writing Practice Question+ASSIGNMENT, and Daily ENGLISH Assignment as well as Word Meaning/ Phrases.

  • Other questions can be asked via Telegram/WhatsApp (24X7) and answers can be collected via the same.

  • Online to offline Batch Transfer Facility (Terms & Conditions Applied).

  • For Fee Structure Call/WhatsApp- +91 8227056819. Or Click Here


**This course includes a total of 60 modules of test series.


General Information For ISS Online Test Series:

  • 1 Free trial(includes only 40 questions, Main Test Series includes 80 questions) (click here) for the test series.

  • Test Series includes Statistics paper-1, paper-2, paper-3 & Paper-4, GS and GE.

  • Each paper contains 10 modules (Total 60).

  • The test series is live right now.

  •  The explanation will be given at your test portal for papers 1 & 2 only.

  • Assessment and all India rankings will be given in your email/WhatsApp.

  • The Correct answer and the explanation of the objective paper will be displayed just after the completion of the exam.

  • You will be provided 5 attempts at each test module.

  • For Subjective answer writing, the Answer book must be serially arranged and the page number must be written on the answer booklet.

  • You can send your answer booklet of the subjective paper via email ( in pdf format only.

  • Assessment will be provided for subjective questions and scores of Subjective as well as Objective paper will be sent to you via email or WhatsApp or text SMS.

  • There is no answer provided for papers 3,4, GS & GE (for that join our Combo course).

  • The test will be solely based on your honesty and sincerity to manage your time.

  • For Fee Structure Call/WhatsApp- +91 8227056819. Or (Click Here)


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