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Standard of papers would be that of Master's Degree examination of any Central University in India.  

Paper-I: Questions would cover Probability: Definition of Probability, Standard distribution, Large and small sample theory, Analysis of Variance, Estimation, Testing of Hypotheses, Multivariate analysis and Stochastic Processes.

 Paper-II: Questions would cover 

  • (i) Probability and Sampling,

  •  (ii) Linear Models and Economic Statistics, 

  • (iii) Statistical Inference: Estimation, Testing of hypothesis and Non-parametric Test,

  •  (iv) Stochastic Processes, 

  • (v) Multivariate analysis and

  •  (vi) Numerical Analysis and Basic Computer Techniques. There will be sufficient choice for candidates to attempt the required number of questions from any three or more of the above six groups. 

Paper-III: English: The paper on English shall be framed in a manner to assess the writing skills  including expression and understanding of the topic

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