Description of the Course

    • 1 Free trial (click here). Free Trial will be available from 15 August 2020.

    • Test Series contains 40 modules.

    • Test series will be valid up to 2021 (Till the date of the exam starting with 5, September 2020).

    • Video Explanation will be given at your login. 

    • All India Ranking will be given in your email. 

    • Unlimited attempts.

    • Test will solely based on your honesty and sincerity to manage your time.

    • Answers and scores will be displayed just after the completion of the test.

    • IITJAM(MS) Online Classes are Scheduled to start from 20 July 2020.

    • Zoom Classes will be available (You are required to sign in to zoom via Mobile or Windows or in the browser.)

    • You will Get a Meeting id and password on mail via Faculty email id( or you may get a link of meeting 5 minutes before it will be hosted.

    • Every Class will be of 2 hours from 07:00 AM to 09:00 AM,(01:30 hours Will be devoted to regular class and 30 minutes will be for doubt classes). Timing of Class can be customized according to the convenience.

    • Classes will be held five days a week(Monday to Friday).

    • For demo class watch My Youtube Channel(Click Here).

    • Study Material will be available from time to time on your mail when each unit ends.

    • Classroom questions can be asked in Zoom Classes.

    • Other questions can be asked via Gmail on or Whatsapp(8227056819) and answers can be collected via the same.

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